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[감동주의] 절대 거절 못하는 포스트잇 프로포즈 (Unforgettable Post-it Propose)

These days, there’s no shortage of over-the-top engagement proposals. From flash mobs to magical surprises, each one is unique in how they each capture the thrill and excitement of the special moment. Of course, the proposal featured in the video below might be the biggest one ever — using Post-it notes!

In the Unforgettable Post-it Proposal, the man takes his girlfriend, Soojung, out on a date on White Day. In South Korea, where the proposal takes place, Valentine’s Day is typically observed by women presenting chocolate gifts to men, as an expression of love. On White Day, the reverse happens: Men who received chocolate are expected to return the favor by giving gifts.

After the couple arrive at a cafe, they take a seat in front of the window. That’s when the man excuses himself. Not long after, he calls her on the phone and tells her to look out the window. In the building across the street, 250 people with a pile of Post-it sticky notes start to create a message. He had rented three floors of the building and covered the window with thousands of post-its to ask one very important question.

We won’t spoil it for you, but you’ll have to watch to see how it ends. It’s so beautiful and quickly brings Soojung to tears. What an amazing moment!

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